The Shark Carbon Fiber Tuning Hammer. A story of design.

When I started tuning, I got the basic student model tuning hammer. It was ok to start off, but I noticed that it didn’t feel solid in my hand. When I was in a training session with my mentor, I used his Schaff professional tuning hammer 1 time and I knew that I needed one like that. I began buying tools on Ebay and researching all types of tuning hammers. I bought a few that I like and started using them for most of my tunings. I have had several “professional” extension tuning hammers that I did not like at all. Every tuning hammer is different and I find that you have to be comfortable with your tuning hammer to get really good tunings every time. I began to develop my tuning hammer because I wanted something solid and amazing. I read some reviews on the other Carbon fiber options available and I began studying the carbon fiber world. It is truly amazing how light weight and rigid this material is. Right now, we have an amazing design after several prototypes and testing by tuning. The thing that I love about The Shark is that ALL the weight is in the TIP. The handle is like air! There is also a very exact and solid feeling you get when you begin to tune that I have not had with any other tuning hammer. My tunings are much faster and smooth. It works perfect for my impact tuning method and for regular tuning. The shark has a unique weight displacement that allows the weight of the head to seat and STAY on the pin every time. It is hard to imagine the feeling you get with The Shark but it has no FLEX like the professional extension type hammers. This is a huge plus and helps you make exact tuning decisions without over pulling or missing the perfect unison. I will continue to share our trials and our stories about the shark. All you have to do is get your hands on The Shark and see the difference it can make in your tunings!


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